Data Security

Protecting Your Information is Our Priority

In all aspects of medical and training service provision, Medical Rescue prioritise the security and privacy of your information. Our secure hosting service is 100% hosted and supported on Australian soil and therefore presents no data sovereignty issues that may be associated with private clouds situated offshore.  The servers also offer low latency access which is another benefit of using a local service provider. All services are published through our ASD Certified Gateway (up to PROTECTED level) and housed in highly secure ASIO T4+ Certified datacentres designed to withstand natural disasters.

A summary of the features of our secure server network is provided below:

  • Specialist provider of cloud computing and dedicated hosting services;

  • Specialist provider of internet-related business support services;

  • Managed backup and DR capability;

  • National enterprise with government clientele;

  • All services and facilities hosted in Australia;

  • ASIO T4 accredited data centres;

  • DSD certified PROTECTED level secure internet gateways.