Tactical Driving

Tactical driver training is provided across a range of vehicles and includes defensive and offensive skills and tactics suitable for Police, law enforcement, military, security and emergency services. Topics include:

  • Pursuit driving
  • Motorcade driving
  • Tactical motorcade driving
  • Tactical 4WD motorcade driving
  • Military tactical high speed 4WD light armoured vehicle driving
  • Police light armoured vehicle motorcade driving
  • Military light armoured vehicle training
  • Anti-ambush, cover & retreat techniques
  • Tactical high speed retreat
  • Threat identification & blocking
  • Embus & Debus protocol and techniques
  • Close proximity driving (congested areas)
  • Advanced SOVC (System of Vehicle Control – trail brake)
  • High threat high speed J turn direction change
  • High risk prisoner escort
  • High threat strategic intercept
  • Tactical protection & blocking high risk threat (Dignitary)
  • Surveillance techniques
  • Anti-surveillance techniques
  • Counter-surveillance techniques
  • Threat assessment
  • Witness protection
  • Close personal protection (VIP; prisoner; witness)
  • High risk extraction (VIP; prisoner; witness)
  • Tactical high risk entry & clearing techniques

Students will be issued with the following Australian Qualifications Framework Units of Competency:


Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours



Students will also receive a non accredited certification for specific elements chosen.