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Air Ambulance Australia

Air Ambulance

Medical Rescue Air Ambulance is Australia’s busiest international air ambulance service covering the Asia Pacific region.

Professional Care

Australian registered Doctors and intensive care nurses on all missions

Fast Response

We're ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Jet Aircraft

We operate medium sized jets to return your loved one home faster


We fly to most national & international locations including Bali, Fiji and Phuket

Air Ambulance Services

Our Air Ambulance services range from transfers within Australia, to international emergency medical evacuations.

Air Ambulance Australia

Our 24/7 Air Ambulance Australia operations team has considerable experience in managing the logistical issues faced when retrieving patients from remote locations, offshore or internationally.

Who We Work With

Whether you’re Government,  an individual, a family member, an insurer or employer, company, if you’re in need of a medical evacuation we can help. We know that an international medical emergency can be overwhelming. We take care of all parts of the coordination and transfer to make things as easy as possible for you.

Specialist Medical Team

Each aeromedical flight has an ICU medical team onboard. This consists of a doctor and nurse who have extensive experience in critical care retrieval missions.

All our air ambulances carry the latest medical equipment and technology to ensure you are brought home safely including, ventilators, invasive monitors, ultrasound and portable blood analysers.

On the ground, our flights are coordinated by an experienced aviation and clinical operations team who support our retrieval teams on all missions.

Australian Destinations

Our Air Ambulance Australia services all states and cities. Some of the major destinations are:

States: NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS

Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart

Coordination and Transfer

Our medical air ambulance service is backed up by professional ground crew who take care of all parts of the coordination and transfer including;

Jet Air Ambulances

Our modern fleet air ambulances allow us to have your loved one back to Australian medical facilities quicker.

International Destinations

Our international air ambulance services have the capability to fly to nearly any destination in the world. Some of the major destinations we have extensive experience with are:

Clear water and beautiful beach in Fiji


Air ambulance Fiji is a major route we service.

Tourist destination in Bali Indonesia


Our air ambulance Bali service is one of the busiest routes.

Boats on the beach in Phuket Thailand


The air ambulance Phuket team has extensive experience.


An air ambulance is a specially outfitted aircraft that is used to transport patients requiring ongoing medical care and interventions.

Air ambulance jets are typically used when time is of the essence, such as in cases of serious injury or illness. Fixed-wing air ambulances are mainly used for long-distance transport.

An air ambulance is staffed with highly trained medical personnel who can provide critical care en route to a hospital. 

Yes, all Medical Rescue personnel are Australian registered doctors and nurses. All our Doctors and Nurses have extensive backgrounds in anaesthetics, intensive care or emergency medicine.

For an Australian citizen, our air ambulance services can normally have patients back in Australia the on the same day as the request comes through.

This timeframe can however vary depending on the location, patients clinical conditions, current weather, nationality and flight approvals. We are able to give accurate answers when all variables are known.

The cost of an air ambulance varies depending on the specifics of each situation, where you are located, the seriousness of the injury or illness etc. We provide a specific quote and range of options for each mission.

We're ready to respond 24/7

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