Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS)

An EBS is a critical safety device for any helicopter pilot or aircrew member who regularly flies over water. EBS consist of a compact, vest mounted compressed air bottle with air hose and breathing regulator (miniature SCUBA system). In the event of a helicopter ditching into water EBS provide a breathable air source to allow crew to egress a submerged aircraft. Chances of surviving a water ditching are dramatically increased when using an emergency breathing system. Completing this course will take approximately 6-8 hours and will include a range of formal assessments and simulated under water scenarios.

The course complies with Australian standards and regulations for related diving operations and is facilitated by emergency service personal possessing current experience and qualifications in SCUBA instruction / technical diving and aviation rescue.

The Medical Rescue Training Academy offers the most comprehensive EBS course in Australia.

Check out the video below of some of our students being put through EBS drills.

Students will be issued with the following Australian Qualifications Framework Unit of Competency:


Utilise emergency breathing system 

Accredited training is delivered in accordance with the requirements of Nationally Accredited Training under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and certified in conjunction with our RTO Partner: Queensland Training and Development Pty Ltd (RTO: 32238)