Helicopter Underwater Escape Training


The course is essential for any pilots or crew who work on helicopters particularly if your area of operations includes over or near water.

Training is specifically designed to heighten safety procedures, situational awareness and emergency response for flights over or near water through experience and confidence in submerged helicopter simulators. Students will also learn essential post-accident water survival techniques including life jacket and life raft training. Training courses are held in all capital cities using our mobile trainers, or conducted in our dedicated training facility in Brisbane. 

HUET has been shown to significantly increase post-accident underwater survival. It teaches students the knowledge and skills to safely exit from a helicopter when ditched in water and how to survive whilst awaiting rescue.












The course includes pre-flight preparation, helicopter safety procedures, crash survival procedures, practical underwater escape drills, sea survival techniques, medical considerations and the use of safety and survival equipment.

Both theoretical aspects and practical in water simulated helicopter ditching and escape drills and sea survival procedures are included in this course.

This course is suitable for Pilots and Crew who operate over or near water without additional requirements of SAR or Military operations.

Students will be issued with the following Australian Qualifications Framework Units of Competencies:


Undertake Aircraft Underwater Escape and Survival


Undertake Helicopter Safety and Escape


Accredited training is delivered in accordance with the requirements of Nationally Accredited Training under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and certified in conjunction with our RTO Partner: Queensland Training and Development Pty Ltd (RTO: 32238)