Medical Rescue Air Ambulance is an established and experienced air ambulance service. We know what we are doing and we will get you home.

Medical Rescue personnel are all Australian registered emergency doctors and intensive care nurses. Our flights are coordinated by an experienced aviation and clinical operations team and all missions are overseen by Specialist retrieval doctors who hold fellowship with the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine to ensure our patients are in safe hands.

Medical Rescue uses an array of mid and long range aircraft based in Singapore, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. The Aircraft are all registered with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority and are fitted with our patented aeromedical stretchers and loading systems designed and manufactured by Aeromedical Engineering Pty Ltd, part of the Medical Rescue Group.

Our Air Ambulance operations centre has considerable experience in managing the logistical issues faced when retrieving patients from offshore, internationally or from remote facilities. There are 27 different people required to undertake a successful international retrieval and we take care of all parts of the coordination and transfer including;

  • Customs
  • International flight clearances
  • Ground ambulance transfers
  • Accepting hospitals
  • Coordination with foreign hospitals
  • Immigration and border protection
  • Emergency VISAs
  • Liaison with travel insurance companies
  • Liaison with Assistance companies
  • Commercial medical escort and MEDA clearances if an air ambulance is not required


The right people

  • Specialist doctors, and ICU flight nurses
  • Experienced Pilots, and Operations managers

The right aircraft

  • Covering Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, Pacific Rim and Hawaii
  • Redundancy in the fleet
  • All equipped to the same high standard and all aircraft are coordinated through our Gold Coast based operations room.

The right equipment

  • The latest technology for aeromedical care and monitoring
  • meets the requirements of Australasian aeromedical standards
  • Specialised aeromedical stretchers and loading systems designed to minimise risk of further injury during transit and transfer operations

A reliable tasking system

  • We are a private service that can be tasked directly with no competing community obligations.
  • Your treating doctor can speak directly to our retrieval doctors

The right clinical practices

  • Defined scopes of practice for all staff
  • Comprehensive clinical practice guidelines
  • Written Standard Operating Procedures
  • ISO9001 approved Quality Management System

Close clinical governance

  • we have a 24 hour operations team and critical care duty doctors supporting the flight medical crew 24/7
  • A secure real time medical records system enabling our duty doctors to access records

Ground Transfers

  • Medical Rescue can arrange admissions to  hospitals in Australia, Singapore or New Zealand and provide the ground transfer in our own patient transfer vehicles. (QLD)

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