Medical Rescue Training Academy – Overview

Medical Rescue Training (MRT) through the Medical Rescue Training Academy offers an extensive range of industry recognised training courses and qualifications across the aviation rescue, first response, emergency and disaster fields. Courses cover a range of nationally accredited and non accredited training. Nationally accredited training complies with the requirements of the Australian Qualifications framework.

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MRT specialises in developing, or tailoring, individual competency based emergency and rescue focussed training. MRT training staff are selected for their extensive backgrounds and qualifications with many years of operational experience in their respective fields.

MRT’s training capabilities equip individuals and organisations with real life skills that can be applied in a variety of operating environments including,

  • helicopter rescue,
  • aquatic rescue,
  • emergency services,
  • law enforcement,
  • search and rescue,
  • military,
  • medical, paramedical & first response,
  • mining,
  • offshore marine transfers
  • tourism.

All training and courses can be specifically tailored to meet individual client’s needs. Courses are designed to ensure that students are provided a combination of theory and practical instruction with scenario based training to equip them for real life events.

This training is offered in conjunction with our RTO Partner: Queensland Training and Development Pty Ltd (RTO: 32238

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