Tactical Driving

Tactical driver training is provided across a range of vehicles and includes defensive and offensive skills and tactics suitable for Police, law enforcement, military, security and emergency services. Topics include:

  • Pursuit driving
  • Motorcade driving
  • Tactical motorcade driving
  • Tactical 4WD motorcade driving
  • Military tactical high speed 4WD light armoured vehicle driving
  • Police light armoured vehicle motorcade driving
  • Military light armoured vehicle training
  • Anti-ambush, cover & retreat techniques
  • Tactical high speed retreat
  • Threat identification & blocking
  • Embus & Debus protocol and techniques
  • Close proximity driving (congested areas)
  • Advanced SOVC (System of Vehicle Control – trail brake)
  • High threat high speed J turn direction change
  • High risk prisoner escort
  • High threat strategic intercept
  • Tactical protection & blocking high risk threat (Dignitary)
  • Surveillance techniques
  • Anti-surveillance techniques
  • Counter-surveillance techniques
  • Threat assessment
  • Witness protection
  • Close personal protection (VIP; prisoner; witness)
  • High risk extraction (VIP; prisoner; witness)
  • Tactical high risk entry & clearing techniques

Students will be issued with the following Australian Qualifications Framework Units of Competency:


Apply Safe Car Driving Behaviours



Students will also receive a non accredited certification for specific elements chosen.

Accredited training is delivered in accordance with the requirements of Nationally Accredited Training under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and certified in conjunction with our RTO Partner: Queensland Training and Development Pty Ltd (RTO: 32238)