Personal Safety Readiness

Violent encounters are often preceded by tell-tale signs of their impending arrival. Body language. Eye movements. Preparation of a limb to strike. It is possible to recognize these stimuli and the stimuli behind those stimuli which is the stimuli driving your response to unprovoked confrontations.

This course has been designed to equip participants with an understanding of their natural flinch response and how that can be used to access an innate human weapon systems enabling a more appropriate response to threats of unprovoked violence.

The course utilises close quarter combat tactics and strategies coupled with natural fight or flight responses pioneered by Tony Blauer of S.P.E.A.R. (spontaneous protection enabling accelerated response) and Blauer Tactical Systems. These systems are extremely effective tools and have been adopted by Special Forces, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services worldwide over the past thirty years.

Course content includes:

• Threat awareness principals and drills

• Psychology of fear / fear management

• Detect /defuse / defend concepts

• Counter ambush / fight back tactics

• Force on force scenarios

This is a 4-6 hour hands on practical course.

The course is open to anyone who wishes to enhance their personal safety and survivability and can be adapted to specific target groups such as paramedics or as a school based counter bullying program. For example the course is currently delivered as part of a predeployment training package for emergency service personal who are likely to operate in areas of elevated risk There are no prerequisites.

The course is delivered by instructors with specialist law enforcement and defensive tactics experience.