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Air Ambulance Fiji

*This page is for our Fiji Air Ambulance. Please visit our Air Ambulance Australia page for our main service.

Air Ambulance Fiji

Our Air Ambulance Fiji service transports medically ill and injured patients to Australian medical facilities.

Air Ambulance Service

Medical Rescue Air Ambulance is Australia’s busiest international air ambulance service covering the Asia Pacific region.

Professional Care

Australian registered Doctors and intensive care nurses on all missions

Fast Response

We're ready to respond 24/7

Jet Aircraft

We operate medium sized jets to return your loved one home faster

Nadi & Suva

We can collect patients from both Nadi and Suva

Medical Care Team

Each of our aeromedical flights has an ICU medical team onboard. This consists of a doctor and nurse who have extensive experience in critical care retrieval missions.

All of our air ambulances carry the latest medical equipment and technology to ensure you’re brought home safely. This includes ventilators, invasive monitors, ultrasounds and portable blood analysers.

On the ground, our flights are coordinated by an experienced aviation and clinical operations team who support our retrieval teams on all missions.

Fiji Repatriation Flights

Our air ambulance services are able to collect patients from the following cities on the main island which both have an airport:

Temple in the city of Nadi on the main island of Fiji.


We are able to retrieve patients from Nadi on the main island of Viti Levu.

Clear water and beautiful beach in Fiji


We have experience with medical repatriations from Suva, the capital city in Fiji.

Who We Work With

Whether you’re an individual or a company, if you’re in need of a medical evacuation we can help.


Our dedicated air ambulance crew are able to help individuals who require a private flight. Contact us for more information.

Insurance companies

The Medical Rescue air ambulance jets are on standby for any insurance company needing a medical evacuation at short notice.

Air Ambulance Services

Our 24/7 Air Ambulance Fiji medevac operations team has extensive experience in managing the logistical issues faced when retrieving patients internationally.

Map of the world showing locations the Medical Rescue international air ambulance has flown to

Coordination and Transfers

Our air ambulance medical service is backed up by our professional ground crew who take care of all parts of the coordination and transfer including;

Along with our Fiji service, other major routes include our Phuket air ambulance and Bali air ambulance services.

Jet Air Ambulances

Our fleet of modern air ambulances allow us to return your loved one from Fiji back to Australian medical facilities quicker.


Yes, all Medical Rescue personnel are Australian registered doctors and nurses. All our Doctors and Nurses have extensive backgrounds in anaesthetics, intensive care or emergency medicine.

For Australian citizens, our air ambulance services can generally have patients back in Australia the on the same day as the request comes through.

This timeframe can vary however depending on the location, patients clinical conditions, current weather conditions, nationality and flight approvals. When all variables are known we are able to give accurate answers.

The cost of our Fiji air ambulance varies depending on the specifics of each situation. This includes where exactly you are located, the seriousness of the injury or illness etc. For each mission we provide a specific quote and range of options.

We're ready to respond 24/7

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