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At Medical Rescue Group, we recognise the unique challenges healthcare providers face in ensuring continuous, high-quality patient care. Our nursing agency specialises in providing exceptional medical personnel adept in emergency and ICU settings, ready to integrate seamlessly into your team. 

Our nurses aren’t just qualified; they’re adaptable, excelling in diverse healthcare environments, from busy emergency rooms to specialised in-patient care.

“...ensuring continuous, high-quality patient care…”

By supplementing your staff with our skilled nurses, we help maintain the highest standards of patient care, ensuring no gap in service during peak times or staffing shortages.

Our nurses, experienced in emergency and ICU settings, offer more than just medical expertise; they bring empathy, understanding, and a patient-first attitude to every scenario. This not only alleviates the stress of medical emergencies but also significantly improves patient outcomes

Wherever you are, our nurses are there to provide outstanding care and unparalleled medical support

Wherever you are, our nurses are there to provide outstanding care and unparalleled medical support

Professional Nursing Excellence: Explore Our Agency Nurses & RNs

In the dynamic world of healthcare, Medical Rescue stands out for its commitment to professional nursing excellence, showcased through our exceptional agency nurses and registered nurses (RNs). 

Our skilled nursing staff, who are at the core of our services, offer a broad spectrum of expertise, ranging from acute care settings to compassionate home care. 

We are a leading nursing agency, renowned for delivering superior nursing care in various environments, from remote rural communities to metropolitan areas across Australia, including QLD, NSW, and Melbourne.

Our agency nurses and RNs are more than just employees; they are integral members of our team, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences that enrich our network. This diversity allows us to provide specialised nursing care in various sectors, including allied health, disability care, and NDIS services. 

The professionalism of our nursing staff is evident in every aspect of their work, whether they are in a hospital, a clinic, or providing home care services.

Our commitment to professional development ensures that our nursing staff are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills, making them adept at handling the complexities of modern healthcare.

Our streamlined process makes it easy for healthcare facilities to find the nursing staff they need. From the initial search and apply phase to the final deployment of nurses, we ensure a smooth and efficient experience. 

We also offer a supportive environment for our staff, recognising the importance of their well-being in delivering high-quality care.

Whether it’s a job in a bustling city hospital or a role in rural healthcare, we ensure that every nurse and RN is well-prepared to provide exceptional care. 

We invite healthcare providers and nursing professionals to explore the opportunities and services our agency offers.

How To Get Started

Step 1 - Contact and Consultation

Reach out to Medical Rescue to discuss your specific nursing needs, whether for emergency, ICU, or general care.

Step 2 - Custom Nurse Matching

We'll provide a tailored selection of nurses, ensuring they align with the specific skills and experience your healthcare setting requires.

Step 3 - Seamless Nurse Integration

Finalise the arrangement and our skilled nurses will promptly join your team, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate contribution to patient care.


Our nurses are versatile, offering their expertise in various settings across Australia from major hospitals to rural clinics.

Each of our nurses is a registered professional.

We specialise in swift deployment, ensuring our nurses are ready to join your team at a moment’s notice for immediate support.

We extend beyond individual nurse staffing to include comprehensive medical support like remote clinics and aeromedical services.

Agency nurses can be quickly deployed to cover staff shortages, unexpected leave, or sudden surges in patient volume, ensuring that your healthcare services remain uninterrupted and efficient.

Our nursing agency distinguishes itself from others through a unique blend of personalised service, extensive expertise, and a deep commitment to quality care. We focus not just on filling positions, but on creating matches that benefit both healthcare providers and our nursing staff. This approach ensures high satisfaction rates and excellent patient care.

Yes, we offer round-the-clock nursing support to ensure your facility has the necessary medical staffing whenever required.

We implement rigorous ongoing training and evaluation processes to ensure our nurses consistently meet the highest standards of medical care and professional conduct.

Yes, many of our nurses have specialised skills and experience, making them capable of supporting specific departments or procedures in your healthcare facility.

We offer a streamlined request system, enabling your facility to quickly and efficiently augment your staffing levels to effectively manage any sudden increases in patient care demands.

Get Started

Our team of experienced and compassionate nurses is just a call or email away, ready to integrate into your healthcare setting seamlessly.

Don't let staffing challenges hinder your ability to provide quality care. Contact us today and let us tailor a nursing solution that meets your specific needs.