COVID 19 Vaccinations APAC

Vaccination is the key to our global emergence from this pandemic.

Medical Rescue Group has partnered with US based AMI Expeditionary Healthcare to develop a mass vaccination roll out for countries in the Asia Pacific region.

AMI has recently conducted the first vaccination exercise to test our operational proof of concept for a drive-thru vaccination site so that we could iterate our patient education, data collection, vaccine application, reaction monitoring, and second dose scheduling. We are refining our mass vaccination protocols and timing so that we will be ready when the vaccine is made available.

The AMI / Medical Rescue Vaccination Program has the essential elements to ensure rapid execution of  COVID-19 Vaccination Plans. From our collective experience in deployable health response, we know that each Country has its own requirements and program execution challenges. To meet those challenges, we have assembled a team that is unmatched in capability, capacity, and experience to deliver a seamless solution from drug manufacturer to patient.

Project Management

Operational support prioritising vaccine distribution, storage, allotments and clinic set up as community-based, drive-thru or mobile.

Vaccine Implementation

Experienced medical staff to deliver vaccine to the community and monitor for adverse reactions.

Supply Chain Management

Robust logistical support for transport, storage and handling of vaccine.

Tailored Medical Information System

Providing real-time information to state immunisation record systems and can be quickly integrated into VTrcks. The system addresses second dose management and implementation through electronic and call center reminders.

Cultural Competency

  • Respect for diverse demographics and inclusion of under-served populations.
  • Accommodations are made for multi-cultural and multi-lingual translation.

Contracting Mechanism

We have developed a flexible contracting mechanisms that responds to a dynamic landscape with transparency and fiscal oversight. The module design addresses the unique regional and demographic needs within each Country.

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